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Read the F.A.Q. below 

It is very important to read the F.A.Q section below to read about training.


Sign Agreement and Send Deposit


Click the link here to download our purchase agreement pdf. Once you have signed your Adoption Agreement and returned it with your deposit you can get updates on your puppy on our social media posts. Once you have downloaded and printed it off, signed it and scanned the signed copy just send it back to us. Text to let us know when you submitted so we can confirm we received it. Prepare by getting all the items listed on the agreement and the website for the puppy. We will be adding an ecom tab soon where you can buy all the items we recommend. So check back often!
Click here for Adoption Agreement PDF download link.



Exams and Vaccinations

They will be current on all exams and vaccinations before going home. 


Coordinate Pickup!

*Before pick up make sure you have all the items listed on your agreement and in the F.A.Q.


Complete the wellness exam 

You have a four day period from pick up to contact us with any health concerns your vet finds. The buyer pays for the exam. Then you have one year health guarantee. See contract  or F.A.Q. for more. 


Set reminder to finish worming program

Before pick up make sure you have all the items listed on your agreement and in the F.A.Q.


Health Guarantee

Your puppy has a 1 year genetic illness/defects guarantee, from the date of purchase. If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic illness within a year of purchase, Designer Doodles must be contacted immediately. Designer Doodles will replace your puppy with another of equal value, with in one year. Designer Doodles is not responsible for the shipping. The diagnosis/exam must be submitted to the Designer Doodles veterinarian, within 7 days of diagnosis.  

What is your worming protocol?

Worming guidelines for your pup 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. Then again at 12 & 16 weeks the 6 months then you should ask your vet how often. You can get goat wormer online.

Wellness Exam

You have four days from pick up to contact us with health concerns your vet finds at wellness exam performed at the purchasers exspense and vet of your choice.. If any wellness defects are discovered the seller you must contact us immidiatly but before the four day period after pick up. 

What type of wormer do you use?

Goat wormer, you can get it online.

What should I have on hand for the puppy?

A crate for a 20 to 30 pound dog. A sheet for covering the kennel at night. A towel, pillow or shirt to get your scent on for a few days before picking up you puppy, to put in the crate for bonding. A harness and leash to bring to pick up puppy. A heating pad or hot water bottle.

How will I continue potty training?

You will need to set an alarm and let your puppy out every two to three hours. Crate training also supports pott training. Hanging a bell on the door will help your dog associate going out side with the sound of the bell. Even a holiday bell will work.

When should I schedule initial vet appointment?

After making your puppy deposit you should call and make a appointment with your vet within 48 hours of having your pup home.

How do I continue crate training? 

Say “treat” in a positive tone and put it in the crate. Never use the crate in part of a punishment, it should always be a safe, secure and happy place for the puppy.

What can I do to sooth the puppy?

Puppies like white noise, ei the humming of a fan. You will also be sent home with an item that has the mom’s smell on it, you should use this to sooth the puppy.

Where are the puppies before weaning?

The puppies are being raised, home socialized, crate and potty training while living in my home.

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