Dog Walking

Odie the Sheepadoodle’s Adventure at Designer Doodles by Kim

A Special Guest Arrives

Odie, the adorable sheepadoodle, was more than just another pet; he was a beloved member of his family. When his family planned a trip out of town, they wanted to ensure Odie had a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay. That’s when they discovered Designer Doodles by Kim, a premier dog care and boarding facility known for its luxurious accommodations and personalized attention.

Welcome to Designer Doodles by Kim

From the moment Odie stepped paw into Designer Doodles by Kim, it was clear he was in for a treat. The facility was designed with dogs’ comfort and happiness in mind, featuring spacious play areas, cozy sleeping quarters, and a wide range of activities tailored to each dog’s needs. Kim, the owner, and her dedicated team of dog lovers welcomed Odie with open arms, ensuring he felt right at home.

Settling In

Odie quickly adjusted to his new environment. His days at Designer Doodles by Kim were filled with fun and excitement. Each morning began with a brisk walk around the beautifully landscaped grounds, where Odie could stretch his legs and explore. The staff took great care to match Odie with compatible playmates, ensuring he always had a buddy to share his adventures with.

Playtime and Activities

One of the highlights of Odie’s stay was the variety of activities offered at Designer Doodles. Odie particularly enjoyed the agility course, where he could jump, weave, and climb to his heart’s content. 

Pampering and Relaxation

After a day full of activities, Odie was treated to some well-deserved pampering. Designer Doodles by Kim offered grooming services, ensuring Odie’s coat remained soft and fluffy. The team provided gentle massages, making sure Odie felt relaxed and cared for. With cozy beds and soothing music in the sleeping quarters, Odie had no trouble settling down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Special Care and Attention

What set Designer Doodles by Kim apart was the individualized care each dog received. The staff took the time to learn about Odie’s preferences and routines, ensuring he felt secure and loved. Regular updates, including photos and videos, were sent to Odie’s family, allowing them to see how much fun he was having and giving them peace of mind.

Farewell, Until Next Time

When the time came for Odie’s family to return, they were greeted by a happy and healthy sheepadoodle. Odie had made new friends, enjoyed countless adventures, and received the best care possible. His family was delighted to see how well he had been looked after and knew they had found the perfect place for Odie’s future stays.


Odie’s stay at Designer Doodles by Kim was nothing short of extraordinary. With its exceptional facilities, dedicated staff, and commitment to providing the best care for each dog, it’s no wonder that Designer Doodles by Kim has become a top choice for pet owners. Odie returned home with a wagging tail and fond memories, looking forward to his next adventure at this wonderful doggy retreat.